A Lie Worth Living

An island paradise with all the trimmings. Secrets, lies, and murder.


Coming February, 2022

With the tragic passing of her mother, Grace is sent to a father she hardly knows, relocating from the bustling streets of inner Melbourne, to an island home she barely remembers. It’s not long before boredom sets in, with a city girl searching for a way to fill her days before the new school year begins. When she answers the call for help from a sign in a store window, Grace thinks she’s found the perfect job. But behind the smile of a welcoming town, sits a community bathed in lies and deceit and it’s not long before this new arrival is caught in the middle of a deadly mystery.

The secrets surrounding Grace’s new employer soon begin to surface and with them, the reality that Mrs. Walker may not be the loving mother and wife she portrays. When the local gossip is found murdered in the Walker’s store, Grace finds herself caught in a murder investigation, with the spotlight firmly on her. While attempting to clear her name, she stumbles across a secret so shocking, it could crumble the town’s very foundations. Secrets are for keeping and some will go to any lengths to defend them, including murder. Will Grace prove her innocence, or will the island protect its secret and silence her forever?

A Lie Worth Living is filled with twists and turns that will leave you gasping, a literary roller-coaster of emotions that come with finding buried secrets. If you love nail-biting suspense, then journey to an island where nothing is as it seems, with an ending you won’t see coming.