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Prison Days Series

Special Edition Collector's Set

Limited to just 500 sets

Stabbings, rapes and murders. This is maximum-security.

Simon King works in one of the country’s worst maximum-security prisons. These are the true diary entries that describe the nightmare world beyond the walls. It’s a raw and brutal look into the day-to-day running of a place where the prisoners decide your fate.

Get ready for an uncensored trip behind the razor wire, as you experience life inside a place holding the worst offenders imaginable. Experience the horrific assaults, murders, prison gangs and day-to-day chaos that makes this one of the worst jobs imaginable. Can you handle a trip into maximum-security?


  • 2 Exclusive Collector's Edition Hardcover Books

  • Restricted to just 500 Sets

  • Limited Edition  Covers

  • Autographed and Numbered Book Plates

  • 12 volumes of Prison Days

  • 5 volumes of Prison Days: Inmates

  • Preview Chapter of Prison Days: Screw'd

  • Free eBook Copy of Prison Days: Screw'd 

  • Exclusive 15 minute Zoom Call with Simon King

  • Postage and Handling*

per set


*Due to current shipping conditions, book plates will be shipped separately.

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