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It's Time to Look at Life in a Whole New Context

The book you see on this page is something I have wanted to write since I began my author journey nearly five years ago. Since then, life has changed even more for us on this tiny planet, taken new directions in ways we could never have imagined. But how does it really look to someone with no idea of how things were before?

This book explores how strangely amusing our lives have become, as seen through the eyes of someone from another existence entirely. Our cultures, beliefs, religions, wars, prisons, and countless other traditions all come into question on a hilarious and confronting journey into what we call life in the 21st Century. While you might recognize everything inside, how will you react when you see how someone else might see those same things from a whole new perspective? Prepare to face your existence in a way you may not have ever seen before.

Simon King

OUT April, 2023


All the things you want to say...but don't.

It’s been said time and again that life isn’t meant to be easy, and yet we find ourselves living in the 21st Century, in what is supposed to be the greatest time in human evolution. Surrounded by technological innovation, medical breakthroughs, and all the happy marketing we can stomach, is this really what we see as the perfect life?

It’s time to take a step back and look at the world as a new arrival, to see things from the perspective of someone with no knowledge of our history. All they have is the here and now, faced with strange customs, cultures, religions, and all the fast food they can eat. Sometimes funny, sometimes confronting, this is how one person might see the world we live in today. Are you ready to take a look and laugh at yourself from a whole new perspective?  

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