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The Five Deaths
Frank McNally


How many times must a man die before he changes his ways?


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How many times must a man die before he changes his ways?

Frank is an asshole. The people in his building hate him, the people on the street loathe him, and there’s nobody whom he won’t insult. But there’s one group who really get under his skin; the bums and winos who live on his street. With a sharp tongue and a short fuse, this man loves to berate them at every chance, adding to their misery whenever possible.

When Frank unleashes his insults on a lonely recluse, he sets in motion events which ultimately cost five strangers their lives. Unaware of the true toll of his ways, Frank is visited by an entity who’s been watching, listening to the pain he deals to those already at death’s door. Before this night is through, Frank will have lived and died the lives of those he’s hurt,  forced to relive an endless cycle of terror to teach one man the most important lesson of all. Is he ready to change his ways, or is Frank destined to an eternity in hell?

Scrooged meets Groundhog Day in this supernatural thriller into one man’s nightmare. Prepare for the ride of your life and pray it ends with Frank.

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