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Prison Days Series

Stabbings, rapes and murders. This is maximum-security.

Simon King works in one of the country’s worst maximum-security prisons. These are the true diary entries that describe the nightmare world beyond the walls. It’s a raw and brutal look into the day-to-day running of a place where the prisoners decide your fate.

Get ready for an uncensored trip behind the razor wire, as you experience life inside a place holding the worst offenders imaginable. Experience the horrific assaults, murders, prison gangs and day-to-day chaos that makes this one of the worst jobs imaginable. Can you handle a trip into maximum-security?

Available in eBook, Paperback, Audio Book

Prison Days Screw'd Up 2 .jpg

Simon King spent years inside one of the country’s worst maximum-security facilities, guarding those considered society’s worst offenders. With the popular Prison Days series, Simon shared the day-to-day events of a job many consider too risky to try themselves. It tells of a nightmare world behind the walls, of incidents considered too extreme by the general public. Discover murders, rapes, stabbings, assaults, as well as the human toll such actions took on the staff.

But throughout that series, Simon remained neutral, telling the stories with an unbiased voice, to give readers the opportunity to experience the events as close to the real thing as possible, so they could make their own mind up. This time, there’s no holding back, with the harsh reality of prison life told from one man’s perspective. It’s not just another prison story.

Prison Days: Screw’d Up is a confronting retelling of a career where murder, assaults, and suicides are considered just another part of the workday.

Get ready to experience prison like never before, as you go behind the walls of maximum-security and discover one of the darkest places on Earth.  

Available in eBook, Paperback, Audio Book

Prison Days Meeting Monsters.jpg

Your first look was behind the walls. Your second, in the cells.

Ready to meet the monsters who live here?

From the author of Prison Days, come the stories of the monsters living behind the walls of maximum-security.
What were their crimes?
Who were their victims?
It's time to meet the horrifying truth lurking in one of the darkest places on earth.
Fans of true crime, step outside your comfort zone and follow me as I meet some of the most brutal killers to ever walk these halls.

Grab Meeting Monsters now and meet the chilling faces behind the headlines.

Grab Meeting Monsters and go back behind the walls to meet the chilling truth behind the headlines. 

Prison Days Recruitment.jpg

Think you have what it takes?

You’ve taken the tour, followed Simon King through some of the darkest moments behind the walls of maximum-security. You’ve witnessed the violence, the depravity, the mind-blowing heartbreak through the eyes of a prison officer. Now, it’s your turn, to see if you measure up to the task of filling these boots.

Follow Simon for another trip behind the walls, as he introduces you to the possibilities, the pitfalls, the dangers, and the life of a maximum-security prison officer. Discover the roles, the tasks, the day-to-day schedule as you contemplate a career inside. Learn the tips and tricks to communicating with inmates, surviving confrontations, and ultimately making it out alive. If you’ve ever been curious whether you have what takes to work on the inside, here’s your chance.

Prison Days: Recruitment is the next chapter in the Prison Days series, with Simon King turning the tables on those who dare consider a role behind the razor wire. Grab it now and see why hundreds of readers have already rated this law enforcement biography series 5-stars.  

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