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The perfect romance…

…a promise to love her forever.

And then he died.


From the moment he swept her off her feet, Millie knew that Marcus was the one. She wanted to follow him anywhere and when he offered for her to live with him in New York City, Millie didn’t hesitate. It was a fairytale straight from her childhood dreams, complete with a billionaire, a high-rise building to call their own and a life above the greatest city in the world.

Yet nothing could prepare a young bride for a tragedy that would steal her beloved away. Now isolated and alone, Millie struggles to overcome a grief that controls her very soul. Refusing to leave the apartment, she spends her days watching the world below through a telescope, the final gift from Marcus.

As Millie begins to help those she watches, mysterious letters begin to arrive, claiming to watch her from afar. With no way of knowing the author of the letters, Millie continues to help those in need, oblivious to a power she’s not yet ready to understand. But someone is watching, desperate to get the attention of a woman with the power to change fate. Because this telescope holds a curse and with it, a key to unlocking a second chance. Will Millie make the connection in time, or is her own future locked in the tragedies of the past? 

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A betrayal, a promise and…

…forbidden love.

The beginning she didn’t expect.

Just as Millie’s life returns to relative normality, a chance discovery leads her on a path to finding the mysterious “Edward”. Visiting an antique shop, Millie learns a history that will not only open her eyes to the true mysteries of the telescope, but also expose a family secret she could never have imagined. As she listens to the man’s tale slowly unfold, Millie begins to realize that powerful forces remain at work, desperate to continue a legacy that began almost two centuries before.

When You Tried Forever will return you to the very beginning, to the telling of a legend steeped in history. Discover forbidden love, hidden agendas and secrets that have stood the test of time as you continue to search for the answers to a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. Will Millie find the truth behind the mysterious telescope?

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Desperate to make things right…

…she may pay the ultimate price.

Will the curse take one to release the other?


After learning that she may be the solution to ending Millie’s grief, Abby begins her own search for a woman who may hold the answers they so desperately seek. But she’s not the only one in search of the truth, with Millie also desperate to find the answers before Marcus is lost forever.

Returning to where the saga began, Abby and Millie are racing to face the final test; one to save a life; the other to lose one. In the end, only one can make the ultimate sacrifice, ending a curse before it can go full circle. Could the journal Millie’s been searching for, finally solve the mystery of the telescope, or will Abby pay the ultimate price, fate handing her a final cruel twist?

When You Meant Forever is the final chapter in the Timeless series and is guaranteed to keep you enthralled with each turn of the page. Are you ready to discover the truth and finally end the curse?