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The Grace Miller Series


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Some secrets are meant for keeping. Even if it means murder.

With the tragic passing of her mother, Grace is sent to a father she thought dead, relocating from the bustling streets of inner Melbourne, to an island home she doesn’t remember. When she answers the call for help from a sign in a store window, Grace thinks she’s found the perfect job. But behind the smile of a welcoming town, sits a community bathed in lies and deceit and it’s not long before this new arrival is caught in the middle of a deadly mystery.

After finding a hidden diary linked to a thirty-year old disappearance, Grace makes a shocking discovery, a terrifying secret the town has been desperate to protect. As the bodies continue to fall, the diary opens her eyes to the heartbreaking truth, a revelation which could crumble the town’s very foundation. Secrets are for keeping and some will go to any lengths to defend them, including murder. Will Grace prove her innocence, or will the island protect its secret and silence her forever?


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The only thing stronger than a mother's love, is her instincts.

When tragedy strikes the small island community of Schooner Bay, not everyone is convinced it was just an accident. After authorities find the lifeless body of a devoted father, and with her little girl missing presumed drowned, a heartbroken mother refuses to accept the loss of her family. With nobody on the island willing to listen to her suspicions, she begins a desperate search for someone who will.

Answering the call for help, Grace and her team travel to the island in search for answers. With limited resources and skeptical authorities, it’s not long before their investigation is halted, thwarted by the very people who should have been helping. But when a twist of fate leads Grace to uncovering a chilling clue, she travels halfway around the world to prove a hunch more terrifying than anything she could have imagined. Can she put the pieces together in time, or will another innocent child fall victim?

A Lie Worth Keeping continues the thrills and chills in the Grace Miller series, with twists and turns keeping thriller fans hooked from the very beginning. Grab your copy today and prepare for a breathtaking ride into one hell of an island mystery.


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At this school, the lessons really are murder.

Agnes Hart’s Ladies College wasn’t the kind of name associated with bad press. One of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country, this is where high society sends their daughters, the school seen as the very pinnacle of education. But when Grace Miller receives a letter from a concerned parent, it’s not long before the dark reality of this institution comes to light. Murder is the order of the day…if only someone could prove it.

Taking on the role of a substitute teacher, it’s not long before Grace hears rumors of the school operating as more than just a place for academic learning. Hidden behind a web of lies sits a secret so dark, that it’s primed to reach far beyond the school’s hierarchy. With a long list of missing girls and a faculty too frightened to talk, Grace is caught in a game of cat and mouse with an adversary willing to do anything to protect their secret. Can she save more girls from falling victim, or is this the one case destined to end more than her career?

A Lie Worth Hiding continues the suspense in the Grace Miller series, with twists and turns keeping thriller fans hooked from the very beginning. Grab your copy today and follow this amateur sleuth into one hell of a mystery.  

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