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Book 1 Homecoming

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An 18-yo kid. The worst prison in the system. How will he survive?

Dylan never expected to end up in maximum-security at just 18. But after being involved in a horrific car accident with his brother, he’s locked up in the worst prison imaginable. Now isolated and alone, he must face one of the most dangerous places on earth, where prison gangs rule and authority doesn’t wear a badge.

After being forced to smuggle drugs for one of the worst gangs in the prison, Dylan is caught in a downward spiral, into a world where justice is served in blood. Can a kid save himself from hell on earth or will the gangs end his life forever?  

Book 2 Initiation

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With the death of his brother, Aiden, still fresh in his mind, Dylan faces more grief when he’s betrayed by someone closest to him. With the Jesters continuing to force his hand, Dylan faces his toughest choice yet, to face them alone or join one of the rival gangs.

But joining a gang isn’t easy in a place built to house the worst of them. Initiation in this place involves spilling blood, breaking bones and fighting for your very life. Trapped in a world where battles are counted by scars, Dylan knows that the initiation is just the beginning. Will he make the right decision or the biggest mistake of his life?

Book 3 Lessons

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Joining the Cruds was supposed to save Dylan. But some lessons are hard to learn, the reality of prison never far away. Now with the violence spiraling out of control, Dylan is about to learn the toughest lesson of all.

Book 4 Betrayal

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With the fuse well and truly lit, the tinder box that is King’s Court is set to explode as loyalties are tested between brothers. With the shocking murder still fresh on everyone’s mind, Dylan sets out to start righting some of the wrongs he’s helped to create.

But trying to beat a man who sees him as blood will leave Dylan with no choice but to commit the ultimate act of betrayal. But this time, there won’t be a second chance. Because maximum-security is a f***ed up version of insanity.

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Book 5 Absolution

With the body count rising and Dylan continuing his hunt, there won’t be many left standing when the dust finally settles. But with the conflict between gangs just the tip of the iceberg, will his ultimate plan come to fruition, or will his true target slip through his fingers one final time?

Book 6 Re-Boot

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One last robbery to set them up, with the perfect alibi to keep them free. What could possibly go wrong?

Jason Torrance never considered himself an outright criminal, content with small-time burglaries for limited return. It’s a life that has suited his needs perfectly up until now. When he meets Cindy, the girl of his dreams, he knows that life needs to change if he wants to make an honest go of it. So how does a guy who’s never held a job, turn into the supportive partner she thinks he is? By doing one final job that’s big enough to set him up for life.

After finding the perfect robbery, Jason and his gang are set for the ultimate rip-off, a job guaranteed to net millions. All they need is a concrete alibi to ensure they’re around long enough to enjoy the rewards. When one of Jason’s oldest friends gains employment at a nearby jail, it seems the perfect alibi he’d been hunting has finally come knocking on his door.  Will his plan bring the ultimate payday, or does he lose everything in the process?      

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