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Brothers in Crime

"Chilling! Knock your socks off frightening!"
One kid’s horrific journey behind the walls of maximum-security and the price he paid for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Survival is just the beginning.

Dylan's eighteen, scared, and sent to maximum-security. The crime? Passed out drunk in the backseat of a car after his own 18th birthday celebration.
If he doesn’t fight, he dies. If he doesn’t run drugs, he dies. The Jesters have murdered his brother, recruited his cellmate, and this is now home.
Welcome to MAX. There is no escape.

Brothers in Chaos


One last robbery to set them up, with the perfect alibi to keep them free. What could possibly go wrong?

Jason Torrance never considered himself an outright criminal, content with small-time burglaries for limited return. It’s a life that has suited his needs perfectly up until now. When he meets Cindy, the girl of his dreams, he knows that life needs to change if he wants to make an honest go of it. So how does a guy who’s never held a job, turn into the supportive partner she thinks he is? By doing one final job that’s big enough to set him up for life.

After finding the perfect robbery, Jason and his gang are set for the ultimate rip-off, a job guaranteed to net millions. All they need is a concrete alibi to ensure they’re around long enough to enjoy the rewards. When one of Jason’s oldest friends gains employment at a nearby jail, it seems the perfect alibi he’d been hunting has finally come knocking on his door.  Will his plan bring the ultimate payday, or does he lose everything in the process?      


Brothers in Anarchy

Every nightmare has a beginning. 

While researching the origins of King’s Court, Jack meets Percy Simmons, a 99-year-old ex-guard who began his career at the infamous prison way back in 1935. This old man has a story to tell, one involving such names as Harry Lightman, Squizzy Taylor, and other notorious criminals of the time. These were the days of the razor gangs, when guards ruled with an iron fist and the executioner took care of the rest.

But inmates are just half the story, with Percy revealing the insights into a system seen as more corrupt than the people they were meant to watch. With a ruthless warden at the helm, and a captain of the guards more notorious than the prison itself, this is one nightmare few will survive. Is Jack ready to meet the ghosts of the infamous jail, or will a shocking revelation drag him back into the depths of his own personal hell?  


Brothers in Mayhem

Let the punishment fit the crime.

No unit inside King’s Court Prison is more brutal than the newly refurbished “M” Division. Dubbed “Mayhem” by the inmates, the only ticket needed to gain entry is a life sentence, and cells are filling up fast. With death the only way out of this hell on earth, some are willing to risk everything for one final chance at freedom.

After foiling an escape attempt by several prisoners, new guard Tyler White reaches out to the one man who saved him from certain death, the mysterious prisoner in Cell 9. But when Tyler begins to look into the history of his savior, he uncovers a revelation so unexpected, both men become the target of those wanting to keep their secrets safe. With the prisoners wanting retribution, and a substantial contract on the table, will King’s Court claim its latest victims, or can Tyler save them both from certain death?   

Brothers in Arms


Coming May, 2024

United they stand. Together they die.

Every prison has a reputation, but few compare to that of King’s Court. With a long history of evil governors, shady staff, and enough murders to fill a graveyard, inmates know what they’re in for long before they step through the gates. Known amongst cons as the Palace, this is one place that has seen plenty of “Kings” dethroned, including the former Jester, John “Rock” McGovern.

When the latest busload of prisoners pulls through the gates, none could imagine the turn of events that quickly consumes them, with the prison in the midst of a bloody power struggle. Threatening to take over the prison, one gang holds the keys to not only claim victory but also break through the front gate. Fighting on multiple fronts pits guards against crooks, inmate against inmate, in a powder keg about to explode into all-out war.  

Hidden amongst the new inmates, one man is on a mission to flush out a killer, using the savagery of maximum security to cover his tracks. Together with an officer working both sides of the fence, this is one job where failure isn’t an option. Jack never imagined himself back inside, but now that he’s here, he’ll need all the help he can get if he’s going to survive this hell on earth.

Brothers in Arms is the thrilling conclusion to the MAX series, a raw and confronting tale behind the walls of maximum security. Strap yourself in for a ride into hell, where rules are written in blood, and survival is just the beginning.  

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