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The How-to-Write Without Losing Your Sanity Series

with Simon King

I love writing books. So much so, that I not only published more than 30 of my own within 3 years, but also more for other people. It was during these other books that I often asked those that had engaged me to write their stories, if they would rather write the words themselves. They often told me they didn't think they could.

This made me think about the process as a whole and I discovered that there's really not that much to it. And so, I sat down and kept notes about how I went about the process, what I did to bring an idea to life and the steps I took along the way. What I ended up with, was a set of unique guidelines that I know will benefit anybody who has ever thought about writing their own story, whether fiction or non-fiction.

I often wonder why it took me so long to finally break through and take the plunge and now, through these books, I hope to save you some time and turn your own dreams into a reality today.

Come along and let me show you how to write a book, from the initial idea, right through to the final exciting climax. I include a lot about my own journey and the steps I took to turn my own dreams into reality, so that you know you're not alone on this journey.

Simon King

How To Write Your Book.jpg

How to Write A Book

Without Losing Your Sanity!

You have the idea. It’s lived inside you for years. Are you ready to share it?

Gain the confidence, skills and discipline to transform that amazing idea from your imagination into a publishable book. This is your complete guide to writing a novel, from initial conception, all the way to preparing it for publication.

Simon King is the author of more than 40 books, with 30 under his own name, all written using this simple-to-follow technique. Follow Simon on this step-by-step journey, as he opens your eyes to the wonders of the written word, the simplicity of story telling and the discipline of reaching the end every time. No longer will the fear of writing a novel hold you back.

Understand the methods he used, in order to tell a story that readers crave, giving you the confidence and skills to continue writing long after publishing your first. With a simple technique that requires as little as ten minutes a day, the time for you to finally turn your dream of writing a book into reality is now. Are you ready to take the plunge?

How To Publish Your Book.jpg

How to Publish A Book

Without Losing Your Sanity!

How To Grow a Newsletter.jpg

How to Grow A Newsletter

Without Losing Your Sanity!

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How to Market A Book

Without Losing Your Sanity!

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