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Stabbings. Rapes. Murders. This is maximum-security.

Get ready to experience the real-life drama from behind the walls of one of the country's worst maximum-security facilities. Experience horrific assaults, bloodthirsty murders, and the kind of drama that needs to be heard to be believed.

Simon King shares a raw and uncensored look beyond the razor wire, giving you the opportunity to see how life really runs inside a place filled with those the society would rather forget.

Prison Days: The First Six Months, the complete collection, brings together the first six books in the series. If you enjoy listening to stories about the raw real-life crime that isn't found on any news program, then you will love Prison Days.

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A new monster is here to keep you up at night. In the tradition of The Silence of the Lambs comes a killer with an appetite.

Harry Lightman, known as the Daylesford Devil by the press and dubbed "Lucifer" by the locals, has been sitting in a prison cell for the best part of 20 years, sentenced to life imprisonment for the torture and murder of 14 women. Each one had been preyed upon by a monster that fed on the flesh of his victims, the peaceful country towns reeling from the terror that had stalked their communities. Now, on the eve of the first victim's 20-year anniversary, a new killer has taken up where the Devil left off, his victims dying in the same horrific circumstances as his predecessor's, the trademark signature announcing its horrific return with bloody consequences. But is it really a new killer or does Lucifer have the perfect alibi?

The authorities have no leads, no clues, and no time as they enlist the help of the original police officer, Jim Lawson, now a respected and sought-after psychiatrist, who felled the devil the first time. Has Lucifer truly returned, killing from behind the walls, or is another vying for his title? Only Jim can face the devil and hope to learn his secret. Together with the young and beautiful police constable, Stephanie Connor, Jim is fighting the devil, the clock and the hierarchy, to piece together the clues and end the killing before another fall's victim.

Does the Devil have his final alibi?

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In this thrilling sequel to The Final Alibi, Harry Lightman, the one person who knows Lucifer the best, brings to life the horror that shaped his childhood, forged the monster that lived inside him and ultimately the events that unleashed it on the world. The Devil's Confession will take you inside the mind of the beast, to relive the tragedies of his past and maybe, just maybe, let you out again before his final plans' become reality.

The Final Alibi, the first book of the series, gave voice to Jim Lawson, as he took you into the nightmare world of a 1950s country Victoria, where a vicious killer seemed to have returned from beyond the walls of his jail cell to kill again. Now it's time for the Devil to speak. To share his story. And you know what they say, don't you?

When the Devil speaks, it pays to listen.