Prefer Boxed Sets?

Purchasing a boxed set offers unique benefits, including a better price, plus keeping a series together for quicker and easier reading. Here are all of my series, available in a number of boxed options for your convenience.

A brutal killer…

…a helpless victim.

This girl is both.

Sam always knew she was different. Her morbid fascination with death has kept her isolated and alone from the world, shut away, by a protective father only too aware of the monster inside her. A direct descendant of one of the most notorious serial killers of the century, Sam harbors the kinds of demons that crave blood.

With her father’s navy-seal training, Sam is taught the mental strength to control an evil threatening her very existence. Now armed with a skill-set to kill and a thirst for blood, this girl is about to unload her wrath on an unsuspecting world.

After being recruited into a top-secret organization tasked with hunting active serial killers, Sam is finally given the green light to unleash the monster inside her, onto those who prey on the innocent.  Will this hunter control her blood-lust and silence those she’s sent to kill, or will her own demons finally find the freedom to unleash their own kind of terror?

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Stabbings, rapes and murders. This is maximum-security.

Simon King works in one of the country’s worst maximum-security prisons. These are the true diary entries that describe the nightmare world beyond the walls. It’s a raw and brutal look into the day-to-day running of a place where the prisoners decide your fate.

Get ready for an uncensored trip behind the razor wire, as you experience life inside a place holding the worst offenders imaginable. Experience the horrific assaults, murders, prison gangs and day-to-day chaos that makes this one of the worst jobs imaginable. Can you handle a trip into maximum-security?

An 18-yo kid. The worst prison in the system. How will he survive?

Dylan never expected to end up in maximum-security at just 18. But after being involved in a horrific car accident with his brother, he’s locked up in the worst prison imaginable. Now isolated and alone, he must face one of the most dangerous places on earth, where prison gangs rule and authority doesn’t wear a badge.

After being forced to smuggle drugs for one of the worst gangs in the prison, Dylan is caught in a downward spiral, into a world where justice is served in blood. Can a kid save himself from hell on earth or will the gangs end his life forever?  

A string of cold-blooded murders resume. But the serial killer is safely locked behind bars, isn’t he?

No-one expected the murders to restart 20 years after the Daylesford Devil was locked away. But for Jim Lawson, the nightmare never really stopped after he helped end a brutal reign of terror that claimed 14 innocent lives.

The perfect romance…a promise to love her forever. And then he died.


From the moment he swept her off her feet, Millie knew that Marcus was the one. She wanted to follow him anywhere and when he offered for her to live with him in New York City, Millie didn’t hesitate. It was a fairytale straight from her childhood dreams, complete with a billionaire, a high-rise building to call their own and a life above the greatest city in the world.

Yet nothing could prepare a young bride for a tragedy that would steal her beloved away. Now isolated and alone, Millie struggles to overcome a grief that controls her very soul. Refusing to leave the apartment, she spends her days watching the world below through a telescope, the final gift from Marcus.

As Millie begins to help those she watches, mysterious letters begin to arrive, claiming to watch her from afar. With no way of knowing the author of the letters, Millie continues to help those in need, oblivious to a power she’s not yet ready to understand. But someone is watching, desperate to get the attention of a woman with the power to change fate. Because this telescope holds a curse and with it, a key to unlocking a second chance. Will Millie make the connection in time, or is her own future locked in the tragedies of the past?