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After the Lies


He was 11. She 36. The betrayal was just the beginning.

Imagine the heartbreak of a best friend committing the ultimate act of betrayal by preying on a child. Not just a friend, but a mother herself. A trusted family friend crosses the line with a helpless boy, then turns one horrific act into a full-blown nightmare which would continue for years to come.

Read the frighteningly true story of what happens when a female sex predator completely consumes an 11-year-old child’s innocence, then does the unthinkable by carrying his child to term in a sick and twisted fantasy. The years preceding the initial discovery of this horrendous act serve as a precursor to the unbelievable events which followed, and the cruel twist which would leave her mark on the victim forever.

After the Lies is the true story of a friendship born in the suburbs, which would ultimately lead to one of the most extreme crimes any mother could face. If you enjoy true crime stories, then prepare for a shocking journey through one family’s ultimate despair.

Did the punishment fit the crime? You decide.  

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