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The Lawson Chronicles

A string of cold-blooded murders resume. But the serial killer is safely locked behind bars, isn’t he?

No-one expected the murders to restart 20 years after the Daylesford Devil was locked away. But for Jim Lawson, the nightmare never really stopped after he helped end a brutal reign of terror that claimed 14 innocent lives.

Available in eBook, Paperback, Audio Book

The Final Alibi

The Final Alibi.jpg

The Lawson Chronicles Book 1

Jim tried to leave the nightmare world of Harry Lightman behind. But something refused to let go, the gruesome history firmly clinging on. Now, 20 year later, a new string of murders begins, each as horrific as those Jim helped end the first time. Is the Devil back, or is another vying for his title?

The Devil's Confession

The Devil's Confession New.jpg

The Lawson Chronicles Book 2

In this thrilling sequel to The Final Alibi, Harry Lightman, the one person who knows Lucifer the best, brings to life the horror that shaped his childhood, forged the monster that lived inside him and ultimately the events that unleashed it on the world. The Devil’s Confession will take you inside the mind of the beast, to relive the tragedies of his past and maybe, just maybe, let you out again before his final plans’ become reality.

The Final Alibi, the first book of the series, gave voice to Jim Lawson, as he took you into the nightmare world of a 1950s country Victoria, where a vicious killer seemed to have returned from beyond the walls of his jail cell to kill again. Now it’s time for the Devil to speak. To share his story. And you know what they say, don’t you?

When the Devil speaks, it pays to listen.  

The Devil's Lair

Devils Lair.jpg

The Lawson Chronicles Book 3

After reading the diary for the dozenth time, Jim and Stephanie finally discover a hidden clue that may lead them to the hiding place of the Devil. But finding a killer with 3 minds is going to take more than simple policing. With the life of a little girl hanging in the balance, this is one investigation no one wants to fail.

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