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A brutal killer…a helpless victim. This girl is both.

Sam always knew she was different. Her morbid fascination with death has kept her isolated and alone from the world, shut away, by a protective father only too aware of the monster inside her. A direct descendant of one of the most notorious serial killers of the century, Sam harbors the kinds of demons that crave blood.

With her father’s navy-seal training, Sam is taught the mental strength to control an evil threatening her very existence. Now armed with a skill-set to kill and a thirst for blood, this girl is about to unload her wrath on an unsuspecting world.

After being recruited into a top-secret organization tasked with hunting active serial killers, Sam is finally given the green light to unleash the monster inside her, onto those who prey on the innocent.  Will this hunter control her blood-lust and silence those she’s sent to kill, or will her own demons finally find the freedom to unleash their own kind of terror?

The Victim Killer is the first book in the Sam Rader thriller series. If you like Jack Reacher action paired with the darkness of Hannibal Lecter, then prepare for a thrill ride into a serial killer’s worst nightmare.

Buy The Victim Killer and discover the new thriller sensation today.

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A body by a lake. A freshly buried coffin. But which is the murder victim?

When an elderly man is found dead on a bench overlooking Eagle Lake in Maine, Sam finds herself unprepared for the horrific events that soon follow. The authorities eventually identify 74-year old Nathanial Johns, but what they discover leaves more questions than answers. Having been laid to rest over a thousand miles away the previous week, the authorities are stunned to find a fresh corpse in his reburied coffin.

Soon more bodies show up, each replaced with a fresh victim to lie in their stead. But if Sam and the team think this is just a serial killer with a twisted sense of humour, they are about to discover a shocking truth that leads right back to the heart of their own organisation.

Body Switch is the second book in the Sam Rader thriller series. Get ready for a thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing until the very end.  

eBook, Paperback, Audio Book

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Violent inmates. Corrupt officials. But who’s doing the killing?

When multiple inmates start turning up dead at a Californian Correctional Facility, a desperate mother pleads for help to save her son. After John Milton steps in, Sam and Tim are assigned to find the culprit. With the team split on either side of the fence, both race against time to discover the true identity of the killer.

As Sam don’s an officer’s uniform and Tim joins the general population, the pair will have to work quickly to save the lives of more innocent victims. With the body count rising and a system struggling to stop the violence, will Sam end another killer, or will he add her partner to his growing list of victims?

Murder Plot is the third book in the Sam Rader thriller series. If you like Jack Reacher, and the darker side of Dexter Morgan, you’ll love this exciting new thriller series.

Buy Murder Plot now and experience the darker side of psychological thrillers.

eBook, Paperback, Audio Book

Now Available in Audio

**WARNING** This book depicts graphic scenes of domestic violence.

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A rare female serial killer…black, proud and lethal. Has Samantha met her match?


A female killer calling herself “Black Death” is murdering men around Chicago’s less than respectable establishments. Each body is found with a black rose, together with the same cryptic calling card, leaving authorities baffled as to her identity. When the latest victim turns out to be a well-respected police officer, the city’s mayor reaches out for help.

With Sam and the team sent in to help, things soon take a turn, after a link between two of the victims shows more than just a random homicide. When a respected member of the mayor’s own cabinet is found murdered, Sam turns to an unlikely source for help to track the culprit. But just as a break in the case seems certain, the tables quickly turn, leaving one of Pogrom’s very own in the firing line. With a relentless serial killer closing in and Sam desperate to save those closest to her, will she end another killer before tragedy strikes?

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Not for vengeance…nor for power. This killer murders for fun.

When a body turns up at a Texas Uni Campus, police initially believe it’s the result of an initiation gone wrong, the victim covered in graffiti while suspended above a fire pit. As more bodies are found, each the result of a sadistic game played by a vicious killer, it soon becomes clear that a new evil has risen. With the death toll mounting and the police left clueless, Sam is quickly dispatched to help locate the monster.

But things take a turn when a student makes a confession so shocking, it leaves many questioning the very force meant to protect them. With the city in fear and a police force in disarray, has the killer created the perfect storm, or will Sam finally end his thirst for death?

Thrill Kill is the terrifying new chapter in the Sam Rader series. Grab Thrill Kill now and see why Sam Rader is fast becoming the new name in vigilante justice.   

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A one-woman army. A war on two fronts. This time it’s personal.

With her world thrown into chaos, Sam relinquishes all connections with Pogrom when she starts hunting a ruthless killer who’s made it personal. This is no ordinary hunt, as each seeks retribution for spilled blood. With a cat-and-mouse chase involving two predators seeking vengeance, Sam will have to rely on all her skills and cunning to end up the victor.

But with her attention focused elsewhere and the team watching from a distance, none are prepared when a government agency comes knocking, this one intent on closing the organization for good. Led by a relentless FBI agent, this man will stop at nothing to shut down Pogrom and imprison those Sam considers kin. Fighting a war on two fronts and her family caught in the middle, it’s time to unleash the monster once and for all. Will she prevail, or is this the end of Sam Rader forever?


When a monster comes calling, the Hunter must rise.

Olivia Hunter is not who she appears to be, a lost and broken woman with no memory of her past. Taken in by kind peasants, she spends her days helping around their small fishing village, repaying a debt to those who saved her life. When a cartel targets the village for a new distribution center, she watches the horror unfold as her new family fall victim to ruthless drug lords.

With terrifying consequences for not following orders, Olivia watches executions ravage the community, the gang forcing compliance without mercy. But as the body count rises and her family suffers, this girl is about to have an awakening no one saw coming. There are monsters around, and when this Hunter comes calling, death is not far behind. Will she rediscover the true nature of her past, or has a new force already laid down a path to her destruction?

Untitled design.jpg

In this town, the past is just the beginning of the end.

After secretly crossing the border back into the US, Olivia Hunter and her new ally, Miguel, head north to the town of Fairplay. With repeated visions about the town haunting her, she hopes to find the clues which will ultimately lead her to a life she cannot remember. When she discovers that the past may not be as welcoming as she hoped, Olivia finds herself on the run from an enemy she never saw coming.


Someone has been watching, waiting for the moment when a woman thought dead returns to seek vengeance on those who betrayed her family. But with her memories still missing and a corrupt bounty hunter in hot pursuit, will she discover the key to unlocking her past, or has the past saved its deadliest secret to the end? 

Coming July, 2024

Priory of Death.jpg

With her kind of past, will she have any chance for a future?

When the murder of a small-town teen is broadcast live over the internet, Sam and her team find themselves sent on their very first mission. With local law enforcement unable to find any trace of the perpetrator, it’s up to the government’s latest department to prove itself worthy and end a killing spree gone unnoticed for the better part of three decades.

But while finding a killer is one thing, ending them is another and this hunt is about to cross boundaries nobody could have predicted. With a small town rising up to protect itself and law enforcement fighting to prevent more bloodshed, can Sam stop the slaughter before this killer goes back into hibernation?


Samantha Rader is back where she belongs, hunting serial killers and ending them the only way she knows how. Priory of Death marks the ninth book in the series and a defining chapter in this thrilling universe. Grab your copy today and experience a serial killer’s worst nightmare.

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