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Option 1 

Dead Man’s Jury (Carter Nash Book 1)

A slain father. An orphaned son. Only a lawyer can help them both.

What began as a weekend fishing trip, turns into the fight of his life when lawyer Ben Carter finds a young boy alone on the side of a road in upstate New York. Quickly linking the boy to a murder scene more than a hundred miles away, the pair travel to nearby Pittsburgh, where a mystery thrusts them both into the fight of their lives.

With corrupt city officials, a Colombian drug cartel, and a bent detective all fighting to silence the only witness to the murder, Carter must rely on his wits, if he hopes to save the boy from certain death. But with the boy’s father suspected of helping the very people now hunting his child, will Carter put the pieces together in time to save them both from certain death?

Option 2 

The Five Deaths of Frank McNally

How many times must a man die before he changes his ways?

Frank is an asshole. The people in his building hate him, the people on the street loathe him, and there’s nobody whom he won’t insult. But there’s one group who really gets under his skin; the bums and winos who live on his street. With a sharp tongue and a short fuse, this man loves to berate them at every chance, adding to their misery whenever possible.

When Frank unleashes his insults on a lonely recluse, he sets in motion events that ultimately cost five strangers their lives. Unaware of the true toll of his ways, Frank is visited by an entity who’s been watching, listening to the pain he deals to those already at death’s door. Before this night is through, Frank will have lived and died the lives of those he’s hurt, forced to relive an endless cycle of terror to teach one man the most important lesson of all. Is he ready to change his ways, or is Frank destined to relive the horror he’s inflicted on others for eternity?

Scrooged meets Groundhog Day in this supernatural thriller into one man’s nightmare. Prepare for the ride of your life and pray it ends with Frank.

Option 3 

Key to a Killer (Evelyn Knight 1)

Every killer knows the truth.

True crime author Evelyn Knight loves her job, researching and writing about some of the deadliest serial killers in the country. With her latest book hitting bestseller charts around the world, the pressure to find a new subject to intrigue hungry readers begins to heat up. When Evelyn hears of a possible execution date for the Beaufort Butcher, instincts for a story take her into the heart of the South, and a place she herself once called home.

A ruthless killer sentenced to death for the murder of five people, Raymond Harvey’s luck on death row is about run out. After twelve years without an execution, the South Carolina Governor announces a return to capital punishment, with Harvey the first in line. Hoping for an interview, Evelyn reaches out to the killer, who accepts. But the more Evelyn delves into the past, the more she finds the evidence pointing in another direction entirely. Could the serial killer with the airtight confession be just another victim to a killer more cunning than they could have ever imagined?


As Evelyn continues her hunt, someone has noticed her interest and will go to any lengths to stop the truth from coming out. With time running out, and a ruthless killer desperate to silence her, will Evelyn uncover the truth and save them both from certain death?    

Option 4 

When the Devil Has Your Back

It began with him saving her life. She never imagined him trying to take it.

Stranded on a lonely highway late at night wasn’t how Lucy Preston imagined her night ending up. This was supposed to be the night her boyfriend proposed, but an argument about dogs had hijacked their plans, ending with Lucy demanding to be let out of the car. It was a mistake she would regret for a long time to come.

When a stranger pulls up and offers her a ride into town, Lucy accepts, unaware that a new fate was about to turn her evening into a full-on nightmare. After pulling down a secluded lane and dragging her out of the car, Lucy faces the horror of a man with a single objective. As she struggles to fight him off, her screams for help are answered by a good Samaritan who saves her from certain death. As she begins to learn more about the man who saved her life, Lucy begins to question some of his stories and after delving a little deeper, begins to unravel a truth too dark to believe. With more questions than answers, and a city caught in the grips of a killing spree, has her savior become the monster she feared to begin with?

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