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I showed this offer to my wife and her first words were, "Are you crazy??"

(She might have a point.)

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I wanted something worthy to offer, a bundle to fill your entire weekend. So we came up with a slightly ridiculous package.

It's only available on this page, and nowhere else (my wife did insist :)

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People Say:

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I wanted to save you even more money.


Much more. :)

I wanted to provide you with hours of entertainment...

For pennies on the dollar.

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Today's special eBook offer...

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About the author...

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When Simon King caught a bus for an 8-hour cross-country trip back in 1989, he chose a book which would ultimately change his life. The thriller, written by one of the world's most recognized names, ultimately began a passion which would not only include reading hundreds more books along the way, but sending Simon on a path to fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

It wasn't until he signed up to work in one of the country's worst maximum-security prisons that he finally made the jump into authoring, by sharing a lot of his prison experiences within the pages of his subsequent books. Knowing how authors are nothing without hungry readers, Simon's first goal with any book is to capture the reader's imagination, and take them on a journey they could never quite predict.

It's a promise he still lives by to this very day.

About the stories...

With so many great characters out there, I didn't want to create the same old male protagonist chasing some cliched killer and ending up saving the world. I wanted something new, different, and written at a pace to keep readers breathless throughout. I also wanted to ensure they never quite knew what would come next, so made sure to always end up in a place nobody saw coming. But that's not all. I wanted a woman, a tough, kick-ass girl who knew how to look after herself. Yes, she had a tough upbringing. And yes, she has certain issues, but in her heart lives the spirit of a fierce hunter who knows what her purpose is in life. Samantha Rader struggles to understand the monsters living inside her, but that won't stop her from unleashing them on those willing to hurt the innocent.

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