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Why would an author give away a completed book to a reader?

The answer is simple. Without you, the reader, I'd be nothing, which is why I want to give something back to one lucky reader. You will win the opportunity to work with me on your very own book, a book you will name, plan, and eventually own. Together, we will work out who the protagonist will be, where they live, how intense their story is, as well as which antagonist they will face off against. You can set it in your home town, or on the other side of the world, place yourself in the middle of the action, or go for a complete stranger. You will have the chance to dedicate the book to someone special, as well as decide whether to share it with the world, or keep it just for you and whoever else you allow to read it. Sounds good?

For more information on how you can win this incredible prize, check out the simple instructions below, submit your entry, then sit back and wait for the final decision. Are you ready for the ultimate reader prize?

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What's the prize?

In short, you will receive your very own, unique, one of a kind book. Once completed, a single paperback copy will be printed and presented to you. The cover will feature your name right alongside that of Simon King, while the interior will identify you as the soul copyright owner of the work. The book's dedication will be chosen by you, alongside the very details of the story. You will choose:-

  • The Genre

  • The Protagonist

  • The Antagonist

  • The Setting

  • The Level of Violence

  • Extra Characters

Once completed, you will choose how the book will proceed, by either remaining as a single copy in your possession, a free download from your choice of website, or as an actual book for sale on book platforms such as Amazon, Kobo etc. You will have the book in multiple formats, including eBook, and PDF, ready to use for Paperbacks and Hardcovers, as well as multiple eBook platforms. All rights remain with you to do with as you please.

How Do You Enter?

Entry is as simple as entering your email address on the competition web page.












The competition begins now and will run through until April 16th.

Good luck and I cannot wait to announce the winner.

What's the legal stuff?

There's always fine print and this competition is no different. I'll try to keep it simple for you.

  • Entries open April 24, 2023 and will be accepted until April 16th, 2024.

  • Winners announced April 17th, 2024.

  • Judge's decision is final. Winner selected at random from pool of entries by King Sumo.

  • Winner has 72-hours to claim prize, or a redraw will occur. First winner will have no recourse to the prize if they fail to make contact.

  • Book Rights remain with the author at all times until officially signed over to the winner.

  • Prize is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash, nor does the prize constitute a cash value.

  • The length of the final book will be no greater than forty-thousand (40,000) words.

  • Winner will have choice of the following genres- thriller, mystery, suspense, horror.

  • Level of violence will be at the discretion of the winner, however, final decision will remain with the writer at all times. 

  • Subsequent printing/listing costs after the initial print copy will be at the winner's expense.

  • Once the final version is transferred into the name of the winner, all links, claims, association with the writer will cease. The book will become the property of the winner in full.

  • These conditions are in addition to the rules and terms located on the competition web page.

  • Conditions Apply.

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